Friday, May 12, 2017

Debate and Discussion in the Classroom

                We already know passion and connection to real life in class is the best way for students to learn. But what is a beneficial way to get students fired up about topic they enjoy, and teach them more about the topic? A classroom discussion or a debate is the best way to inform students about relevant topics, keep the class engaged, teach them valuable communication skills, and keep them passionate.
            First thing's first, pick a topic. Take a class vote to see what the class is interested in, or analyze a song or poem and discuss the topic that reveals itself from the piece. Whatever you do make sure it is not simple; make it relevant to their lives. Get the students passionate about the topic you discuss, that is the only way they will learn from the discussion. Keep students engaged by opposing their opinions to stimulate their minds. Make sure the entire class is engaged, you want everyone's opinions, sometimes the quietest kids have the most to say. Help them practice their communication skills (proper grammar, eye contact, confidence, etc.). Finally, make sure that the students understand their opposites. They can become well informed people, who can make their own decisions based on facts.
           This is one of the absolute best ways to educate students about things relevant to their lives. If the discussion and debate strategy is practiced regularly in the classroom, a spark of new found passion will be seen in the students. I truly believe it will be beneficial to the students and the teachers, and continue to knock down the predetermined barrier between them, which is one of the most important things in the classroom. Also, certain topics discussed can expand your knowledge as a teacher, about particular students. A student's opinion in discussions that can spark a passion in them, can reveal things about them priorly unknown to you. There are a tremendous amount of benefits you will see instantly these steps are followed to make your class more engaging for everyone.

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  1. Great post Ryan. As a public speaker I believe so much in the tremendous power of debate (in fact what I do now was first sparked in my high school classroom. I wish we would start this MUCH earlier but I am so glad that you brought the topic to the forefront of our minds!