Monday, May 29, 2017

The Benefits of Failure

              The idea that "Failures leads to success" is a common cliche that is sometimes seems too mainstream to believe, especially in a school, where failure seems common, but doesn't have a happy ending. It is important to stress to your students that this theory is true. Failure can be very discouraging in school, which is why it is so apparently vital to teach students that one failure does not lead to a long road of them.
               Failure is so seemingly common in school, and it happens so easily. As a teacher, is it important to let your students know that an error is not the end of the world. Some teachers hate retakes because they feel as if the students should have prepared for it the first time. The point is understandable, yet a student who couldn't be bothered to study the first time, won't work for a second chance. The importance of retakes pertains to the students who made a mistake or an error. This type of student strives for success but it is denied to them due to their one failure. It is essentially hypocritical to force the ideal that failure leads to success and not offer redemption for a failure.
          The thought that "Failure leads to success" is a true idea, but only if it is actually demonstrated in someones life. This can be a motivating factor in a student's experience, if it is taught and stressed the right way. A students motivation will visibly increase if they know that they can always try their hardest, and eventually it will pay off.

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  1. Thank you for your post Ryan. Rick Wormelli has been very vocal about providing these opportunities so I appreciated your perspective. My greatest successes have come from my failures. It's the steps in between that really count!